Hello, World.

Thanks for stopping by! You’ve landed on our first blog post EVER. That’s right: Tailored Virtual’s blog is all new, and we’re pumped to be kicking it off with our inaugural post. 


Here’s why we decided to start a blog: 

  1. We like to talk, and when the content is something we love, we could go on about it for days. Solid reason to start blogging, right? 
  2. Our team has been producing killer events for years, and I thought it was time to introduce ourselves and tell you why we do what we do!
  3. We want to make sure you know how hybrid and virtual events work. A year ago, events like these likely weren’t even on your radar. Now, they’re a viable and exciting option, and we want to share what we know so you understand what’s possible.   

This year has pushed event professionals to new levels of creativity. From large scale virtual concerts like Red Rocks Unpaused to virtual product announcements from massive companies like Apple, the virtual event space has revolutionized the way audiences are engaged. Even nonprofit virtual events are happening, with online fundraisers helping to maintain critical revenue streams. 

If you’re considering a virtual event, we want you to know that your event can be unforgettable, even if you’ve never hosted something like this before. Tailored Virtual takes a custom approach to event production, and we really have thought of everything. You can find out more about what we bring to the table on our product pages, but in the meantime, let me introduce myself. 


Meet Rob

I’m Rob Kall, owner of Tailored Virtual. 

As the owner, I do a bit of everything, but mostly I keep all the different aspects of our brand connected and working smoothly. We’re working on building brand awareness right now because people don’t have a great understanding of what virtual events are and how incredible they can be. When I show them what we’re capable of doing, they’re amazed because they’ve never seen anything like it. 

I’m also very interested in helping out the service industry. As you can imagine, it’s been a rough year for those of us who do this for a living. People I’ve worked with my whole career are struggling, so if I can help them out by explaining how to get a live stream going for their website or training them to use a new technology, I’m happy to help!


Where I come from

My background is a bit unconventional. I actually have a degree in chemistry, and I was a chemist for several years after I graduated. Eventually, I got into process improvement work (Transactional Lean / Six Sigma… Think the “Bobs” from Office Space). 



While that may seem odd for someone in the entertainment industry, I actually find it to be a great fit. Being an entrepreneur is all about problem solving, and that’s exactly what scientists do, too. My training in process improvement helps me think about the big picture and understand how all the pieces fit together. 


How I got here

I got into event production about 20 years ago when the DJ didn’t show up at the roller skating rink, and I volunteered to do it. From there, I created the entertainment company, Raise the Roof Entertainment. We used my background in the corporate world to get started, and as a result, we’ve ended up with a long roster of corporate and non-profit clients. 

We kept pushing the envelope on the technology we were offering, and eventually, our catalog got so big that it was clear we had exceeded the boundaries of our existing company. 

I don’t like “easy,” and since we take such a detailed approach to events, we’re known for producing experiences that have a lot of connected parts. This is the essence of Tailored Virtual—lots of custom pieces that come together to create something amazing!


What I wish you knew

I think plenty of people are scared of the technology that virtual events require, and I have to admit that it can be intimidating at first. 

But the more familiar you get with it, the easier it becomes. Take it one step at a time: start with a Zoom call to your family and work on making small changes to improve the quality. Optimize the lighting and sound, change the camera angle—even just putting your laptop on a stack of books can make a difference. 

Also, personality and brand are important. Our events are not one-size-fits-all. When we produce an event, we look at the brand we’re working with, and we get creative. Whatever it is that makes that brand unique, that’s what we use to build their experience.  


My favorite event memory

We’ve had a lot of special moments this year, but my favorite was a wedding we worked on recently (even though we do a lot of corporate and non-profit events, we love social events too!). 

The bride’s family asked us to provide “Cinematic Live Streaming Services” (a video chat with all of your family and friends on Zoom, but produced like a feature film) for guests that couldn’t attend in person, and during our initial meeting, I noticed that their house overlooked a beautiful lake. 

I sourced a drone that had the ability to tie into our live stream production system, and we made a plan to capture the bridal procession live utilizing that gorgeous location. 

When the bride came out to the balcony to greet her guests, we swept the drone across the lake, up 60 stairs, and watched as she blew a perfectly-timed kiss to the camera. It was such a special moment to capture live, and the remote guests were able to feel that much closer to the experience. 

Additionally, we brought in the groom’s rabbi from out of state via a live video feed. He co-officiated the ceremony with the bride’s rabbi who was on site. It was a beautiful experience for the couple, their families, and the guests who couldn’t be there in person. 

Moments like these leave me really excited for the future of hybrid events. There are so many ways to connect live and virtual audiences. The key is to take the time to step back and consider the experience of each guest, whether they’re with you in person or participating online. 

No matter what you need to plan, we can help.

Reach out and let us show you what’s possible.


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