Virtual Fundraising Events: How Nonprofits Are Staying Connected

2020 was challenging for non-profits. They depend on fundraisers and other live events to drive the revenue that keeps their mission on track, so many of them are struggling in the continual wake of COVID-19. The good news is that virtual fundraisers and galas are here, which means fundraising events are no longer limited to banquet halls, catered dinners, and live auctions. 

Yes, the event industry has changed over the last year, and virtual fundraisers, once barely a consideration, have now become a viable, exciting option! 


If you’re part of a non-profit, here are some ways to extend the reach of your organization and keep your fundraising goals on track in an all-virtual or hybrid event format. 


1. Reach a Broader Audience 

Your fundraiser is no longer limited by geography. With virtual events, anyone can join, regardless of location or time zone. This is great news for things like donor engagement events – your audience stays connected and has a great time together, no matter where they are.


2. Up Your Sponsorship Game 

Virtual events allow you to showcase your sponsors in many different ways, including:


Intro ReelsThis is the easiest way to showcase all of your sponsors right within the live stream of your event. As people are logging in, you can have your sponsors on rotate with key event information, so they get upfront exposure to your guests.

Event platform placement The event platform is like your “venue.” Whether it’s a microsite that your guests watch the live stream on or fully customized platform, sponsors can be displayed in multiple ways, including:

    • A traditional grid view that highlights different levels of sponsors and information about each
    • Prime location placement on certain elements, e.g. “Tonight’s Virtual Photo Booth is presented by Sponsor X”

Incorporated within the Design of the Live Stream – Highlight your sponsor throughout the event live stream by incorporating their brand into the design of the event. You can incorporate by name, logo, or colors to provide your sponsor with the most brand exposure. 

Branded Deliverables – Groups have found that kits that include food, beverages, or event “swag” have helped guests to feel more engaged during the virtual event. It is a great way for one of your sponsors to have a branded physical presence with your audience!


3. Engage Your Audience 

With interactive games and activities, your audience can get connected, creative, and competitive without leaving home. We offer:

  • Virtual photo booths
  • Live polling, Q&A, and Chat
  • Customizable live trivia games
  • Game kits (can be downloadable or something shipped home)
  • Live music
  • Other


4. Mix Live and Pre-recorded Content

Broadcasted events allow you to combine live and pre-recorded content. We can help you produce video messages and presentations ahead of time so they fit in seamlessly with your live event. Whether it’s helping set up the presenter’s virtual call, walking them through their script, or sending out a virtual presenter kit (which includes the necessary equipment for a great image), our producers are available to help make your presenters shine!

This is an excellent way to record testimonials from people who were helped by your organization or messages from honored or celebrity guests.


5. Think Outside the Event Hall

Whether your virtual event is your main fundraiser or a way to keep in touch with donors, it’s time to get creative. 

This fall, we produced a virtual fundraiser for the Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center. While we helped them throw an incredible party, the event actually started several weeks before with a lead-up series of virtual events. 

The series was designed to boost engagement with their donors, build excitement for the annual fundraiser, and introduce folks who are part of the CHSC organization. The lead-up series and the event worked together to create a totally unique experience for their audience.


Virtual Galas are Here to Stay

You’ve worked hard to build a connection with your audience. Develop and celebrate it even further this year with a virtual fundraising gala.

If you want to see what’s possible with a company like Tailored Virtual, we’d love to chat. Reach out here, or check out our website for more ideas on how to throw the perfect virtual or hybrid event.


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